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MEDECO3® incorporates
three locking elements within the cylinder and on the key to produce a virtually pick proof, bump proof lock for home and business. more »

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Why Medeco®???

MEDECO3® incorporates three locking elements within the cylinder and on the key to produce a virtually pick proof, bump proof lock for home and business. The practice of unauthorized key duplication is eliminated, and the steel inserts at strategic points resists drilling and other physical attack. These quality features have earned Medeco® locks a UL437 Listing for product integrity and security.

Medeco® cylinders were the first products in the security industry to be certified as meeting BHMA’s newest and highest standards. This independent organization’s A156.30-2003 standard was approved and adopted by ANSI to provide specific guidance as to which products can be considered high security cylinders.

Medeco3® Triple-locking principle provides pick and bump resistance and larger numbers of combinations for master keying flexibility. Utility-patented key control provides protection from unauthorized duplication of keys. Hardened-steel inserts in the cylinder face provide proven drill resistance. Solid-brass construction provides high quality and longer cylinder life. Standard finishes complement existing hardware. UL437 and ANSI/BHMA 156.30 high security certification as tested by independent testing agencies.


Medeco’s® international cylinders are designed to retrofit in locksets and other hardware of major world manufacturers. These are high quality, solid-brass cylinders incorporating Medeco’s® triple-locking principle used to upgrade common locking systems to high security. Tested to meet or exceed international standards from around the world, Medeco® has received certification for high security in: Germany, EU, Sweden, Israel, Australia, and Japan. International cylinders are available in both Medeco® High Security and Logic technologies. CERTIFICATIONS: SKG - Netherlands; Israeli Standards, I.S. 9950; Swedish Standards SS3522; EN1303;


Medeco® offers a line of padlocks that help you secure any area. Options include weather-resistant seals, shackle guards, and cylinder options that can be keyed into a master key system. The standard padlock has a solid-brass body with thermoplastic coating and stainless steel locking components for superior corrosion resistance. There are three body cutouts for three cylinder options.

The hockey puck padlock has a black coated, solid-steel body with no shackle to provide the highest cut resistance. This padlock has a unique cylinder and uses a full-size key. TECHNOLOGIES AVAILABLE Standard Padlock Cylinders Hockey Puck Padlock Cylinders Key-in Knob – Medeco3®, Logic and KeyMark® 5-Pin cylinder – Medeco3 Small Format Interchangeable Core – KeyMark 6-Pin cylinder – KeyMark Large Format Interchangeable Core – Medeco3 G8R Padlock Cylinders Pop out cylinder – Medeco3 Pop out cylinder – Nexgen Pop out cylinder – LogicDIN18254
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