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The Meaning of “Virtually Bump Proof” and “Virtually Pick Proof”
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Medeco Introduces Opening Medeco3 bilevel

Salem, Va 15. května 2007 - Medeco High Security Locks proudly announces the launch of Medeco3 BiLevel, a locking system with the convenience of integrating both high security and patented key control locks together in one system tailored to fit multiple facility needs.splňoval nejrůznější potřeby klienta.

BiLevel cylinders offer affordable key control through patent protected keys. For areas that require protection against picking, bumping, drilling, prying, or other forms of attack, UL 437 Listed Medeco3 may be added to the system.

Standard locking systems without utility patent protected keys allow anyone who gains possession of a key to easily and inexpensively make a copy. With an unauthorized duplicate key, a thief has complete access to a building, its physical and intellectual property, and the people inside. Patent (pending) protected Medeco3 BiLevel locking systems ensure that the keys to a facility can only be duplicated by certified Medeco dealers and only with the proper authorization.

Medeco3 BiLevel may also be part of an electronic access system using Medeco Hybrid keys. The metal blade of the key operates the Medeco3 BiLevel cylinder and proximity in the head of the key is used in a prox system.

Medeco High Security Locks pioneered the concept of patented key control nearly forty years ago and has been perfecting it ever since with a complete array of security solutions. Well known for the highest security locks on the market, Medeco manufactures products for businesses and home owners geared to specific needs. Authorized Medeco dealers sell high security and patented key control locks, key management systems and software, and electro-mechanical locking systems using audit capabilities and high security hardware.

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